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Some customs in Germany may appear strange to anyone who is not familiar with them. Tradition is the written or verbal passing on of customs, capabilities and also knowledge. These may be scientific and they can concern fairy tales, myths, religions or crafts.

Do's & Don'ts

Some aspects of life in a foreign country can be of surprise. One are two important points about living in Germany might be worth considering. This way any unwitting offence towards the locals can be avoided as can an unfortunate run in with the police or authorities.

Service in Germany

The service environment in Germany is defined both by a mix of personal attitudes and the ability to interact with others. It is also as much a reflection of motivation (or lack thereof) as a result of social tradition and recent history. The topic remains one of much debate.



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Generally speaking, the Germans are a serious bunch of people and stick to the rules. The levels of fines that can be incurred though are surprisingly low compared to most other European countries. This appears to reflect a high so-called collective responsibility (Vernunft).



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The culture of bribing or the offering of a tip to officials and the police is considered abusive and offensive. The corporate world is somewhat different though and heads of companies have rolled. Meanwhile, parliament refuses to implement anti-corruption legislation for its members.



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The topic of tipping is fairly simple. It is the custom to round up prices to the nearest euro, to leave two or three euro or up to 10% if in restaurants. A tip is usually given when paying the bill but leaving it on the table before departing is known as the norm for foreigners.




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