Museums in Rhine Ruhr

A diverse collection spread across the whole region

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Hetjens Museum

The ceramic museum in the Altstadt covers 8,000 years of history. Uniting over 20.000 pieces from every continent, works range from early Anatolian vessels dating around 6,000 BC to antique vases, Italian majolica, picture tiles, East Asian porcelain and contemporary ceramics.

Brewery Museum

Beer is inevitably interwoven with the culture of Dortmund and this aspect is revealed in the Dortmund Brewery Museum. The exhibits deal with the production of beer and are dedicated to a long and successful brewing tradition. This is where the intricacies can be explored and tasted.

Ruhr Museum

Opened in 2010 to complement the activities of the European cultural capital celebrations, the highly popular museum is located in the old coal washing complex of the Zeche Zollverein. Its comprehensive collections include the topics of geology, archaeology, history and photography.


Goethe Museum

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The Goethe Museum reveals fascinating insights into his life, his travels, his acquaintances and loves, his profession as a lawyer and civil servant, research in natural science topic as well as his masterpieces. It is located in the Schloss Jägerhof by the Hofgarten central park.


Zeche Zollverein

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Zollverein is an enormous old mining complex in the north of Essen and is the most prominent example of the structural change in the whole Ruhr region. An impressive mix of historical design and industrial museums and leisure facilities await national and international visitors.


Benrath Palace & Park

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Members of royalty have been dropping into Düsseldorf for centuries; some left their mark. Schloss Benrath, which was completed during the 1770's as a house of pleasure, offers visitors insights to impressive late Baroque buildings and equally formidable English style gardens.