The Location of Rhine Ruhr

An exciting urban mix, interconnected by rural beauty

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Nature Reserves

Walking in and around the countryside of the Rhine Ruhr region, numerous signs can be seen declaring a nature conservation area (Naturschutzgebiet). The protection and preservation of flora and fauna, ecosystems and endangered species is high on the agenda in the region and across Germany.


Germany and its diverse regions are characterized by the unique culture of their people and their contact to the geographical location. Strong regional traditions and autonomous political landscapes have preserved a rich cultural heritage from early times of settlement.


Public Transport

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Public transport in the Rhine Ruhr region is a collection of various systems, which are operated by numerous regional companies and utilities. On the whole, inner-city trams, buses and trains function well, yet other journeys can be lengthy and rather tedious.


State Sights

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Numerous very important historical events have shaped NRW and many monuments preserve their memory. Besides the cathedral in Cologne, the Hermann Monument and the burial site of Charlemagne in Aachen, many castles, cathedrals and smaller monuments can be found across the state.



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The topic of tipping is fairly simple. It is the custom to round up prices to the nearest euro, to leave two or three euro or up to 10% if in restaurants. A tip is usually given when paying the bill but leaving it on the table before departing is known as the norm for foreigners.