Insurance in Rhine Ruhr

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Vehicle Insurance in Rhine Ruhr

In Germany, insurance coverage is not taken out on a personal basis, covering the vehicle rather than just the driver. While personal records and national averages influence policy prices, Interestingly, court decisions on discrimination caused policy changes concerning gender.

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Health Insurance in Rhine Ruhr

Health insurance is compulsory for Germans and foreigner alike. The health system is highly complex with some two or three options available to foreigners relocating to the country. Expats can generally either sign up to the state scheme (freiwilig) or take out private insurance.

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Liability Insurance in Rhine Ruhr

Residents across the Rhine Ruhr region sue their neighbours over such topics as shrubs and trees busy growing branches and infringing property boundaries. Or the neighbour has sawn off healthy growth due to extensive shade. Many other reasons exist with which to offend personal rights.

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Property Insurance in Rhine Ruhr

Insurance companies offer property policies that normally take into consideration the size of the home and consequent average value of contents. The price of coverage also depends on the location and type of property being insured, flat or apartment, house, which floor, artworks.

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