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Professionals specialised in assisting expats

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Erkens Gerow Schmitz Zeiss

Professionals at EGSZ, Erkens Gerow Schmitz Zeiss, focus on the needs of Expats and their employers, enabling expert guidance with tax, social security and legal needs. Competent tax and legal experts assist and support from settling, throughout the stay and, importantly, beyond eventual departure.

Tali Lichtenfeld

With a background in HR, organizational behavior and psychology as well as an expat herself, Tali Lichtenfeld specialises in coaching expatriates. Especially those going through a move to a foreign country feeling lost and others whose life, career and relationships are all changing.

Style Coach

Thekla Tillmann likes to bring out a person’s best. To achieve this goal, she offers a variety of services including event dressing, personal wardrobe checks and store checks. Together with her cooperating partners she advises in all aspects to create that individual perfect look.



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From the search for housing and logistics of a move through to the completion of all related formalities which can include speeding up the process of integration, dealing with local labour law requirements, language courses and cultural awareness training; Progedo gets new employees up to speed.


German Sherpa

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German Sherpa’s goal is to accompany new employees before, during and after the settling-in period. We know the great challenges for international employees. That's why we have launched a 10-point plan for successfully dealing with your employees first steps and relocation to Germany.


Rechts- und Steuerberatung Schmidt

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A law and tax firm offering comprehensive legal and tax advice and support for expatriates and companies in the context of international assignments. Long-standing expertise in the field of national and international tax law helps clients confront complex tax regulations that are becoming increasingly sophisticated.