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© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg
© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg
© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg

Libraries in Rhine Ruhr

The availability of English and other foreign language literature and cds in libraries of the Rhine Ruhr region appears rather sketchy. Many local public libraries do carry some English books though, and one rather unique alternative is the English Library in the state capital of Düsseldorf.

Emergencies in Rhine Ruhr

Local police are invariably courteous and helpul, appearing on the scene quickly following a call on 110. Fire brigade and ambulance services are efficient and well equipped. Emergency response, aid and assistance are never more than a few minutes away. 112 is their emergency number.

Religion in Rhine Ruhr

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English language congregations are established in several cities such as Bonn, Cologne and Düssseldorf. Anglican, Baptist, Protestant and Catholic faiths can be found, some in their own church. M