Shopping in Ruhr

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© Ruhr Tourismus / Jochen Schlutius

In a place with over five million inhabitants, it will come as no surprise that locals have many opportunities to “shop till they drop”. In fact, since Oberhausen boasts the largest shopping experience in Europe, the place attracts many from over the border too.

As a polycentric metropolis, greater Ruhr consists of numerous large city centres to choose from. The largest are Dortmund and Essen, with Duisburg and Bochum hard on their heels. These are followed by Gelsenkirchen and Oberhausen then Hagen, Mülheim and Recklinghausen. Many more are of substantial size too.

In malls the usual global brands blend with local boutiques many telecommunications dealerships as well as eateries, leaving next to no wish unfulfilled. German department stores are found in virtually every centre as are typical high street brands of all tastes and budget. Larger furniture stores and megastores are also dotted around the peripheries.

Department Stores in Ruhr

Departments stores can be found in most malls and on many high streets. Karstadt and Kaufhof are the two major chains left following major market restructuring and numerous closures of stores. Modernisation has helped persuade shoppers to return again to this once magnificent concept.

Books & Stationary

Choice is one of the most important aspects of life that often tends to be missing when having relocated to a country with a foreign language. Though English language books may be rare and choice limited, nothing beats browsing through paperbacks before making a decision to buy.

Food & Beverage

The globalised world of foods and beverages enables a vast majority of produce to be available in the Ruhr region. Brands include Aldi, Edeka, Lidl, Netto, Penny, Plus, Real, and Rewe. Organic chains include Basic and Super Bio Markt. Turkish dealers offer superb vegetables and meats.


CentrO Oberhausen

© Ruhr Tourismus / Ralph Lueger

The CentrO in Oberhausen is the largest shopping and recreational centre in Europe. With over 200 stores the mall is huge, offering a fantastic shopping experience in an atmosphere that is fun and inspiring. A enormous range of shops and stores await enthusiastic consumers.


Limbecker Platz

© Amazing Capitals / Greg

Located in the middle of Essen, the Limbecker Platz shopping mall has become a place to meet and enjoy all manner of attractions. Considered the most magnificent shopping center in the Ruhr region, over 200 shops offer a diverse and appealing mix of stores and a most enjoyable shopping experience.


Thier Galerie

© Ruhr Tourismus / Hanjo Schumacher

The fine variety of stores nestled in the attractive Thier Galerie shopping mall in the heart of Dortmund offers a most enjoyable retail experience. Over 160 shops, cafés and restaurants under one roof and relatively inexpensive parking reveal a great place to spend a few hours discovering new trends.