Museums in Ruhr

Curious collections in the Ruhr Metropolis

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Diverse and industrialised; two characteristics of the Ruhr region are brought together in the local landscape of museums. And reflected throughout is not just the development from the last one hundred and fifty years but the decentralised structure of the region that developed along the lifeline of the river Ruhr.

Many venues focus on art, such as the Folkwang in Essen, other institutions on a specific industry. Examples include beer in Dortmund and mining in Bochum.

Over two hundred locations can be visited within the boundaries of the metropolis.

Ruhr Museum

Opened in 2010 to complement the activities of the European cultural capital celebrations, the highly popular museum is located in the old coal washing complex of the Zeche Zollverein. Its comprehensive collections include the topics of geology, archaeology, history and photography.

Zeche Zollverein

Zollverein is an enormous old mining complex in the north of Essen and is the most prominent example of the structural change in the whole Ruhr region. An impressive mix of historical design and industrial museums and leisure facilities await national and international visitors.

Jewish Museum Westphalia

The museum focuses on the life of Jews past and present in this region. It also introduces general aspects of the Jewish religion, such as the meaning of the Tora, which contains the five books of Moses and is kept in a synagogue, the house of devotions and the place of convention.