Going Out in the Ruhr Metropolis

A great choice for discerning diners in Essen, Duisburg, Dortmund and elsewhere

Written by Garry on


Naturally in a region as large as the Ruhr, the opportunities for going out to wine and dine in a bistro or restaurant are just about limitless. The variety of cuisines available can satisfy almost any palate too.

From popular streets in curious locations such as the Rüttenscheider Strasse in Essen to exclusively redeveloped zones such as the harbour in Duisburg, diners are spoilt for choice.

Besides that, inexpensive snack bars (Imbiss) offering sausages (Wurst), kebab (Döner) or pizza, sushi bars and the obligatory chains such as McDonalds and Subway exist practically everywhere.

And then there is the nightlife. Clubs and bars can be found across the whole Ruhr Metropolis.

Bistros in Ruhr

Apparently bistros first appeared in Paris after the Napoleonic Wars when Russian soldiers occupied the city. Since the fast food tradition has passed down the chain, there is no longer so much need for speed. They are though, naturally more savvy than most restaurants.

Beer Gardens

As the name says, the most popular drink to partake of in the open air is beer. The choice is often between the local dark beer (Altbier), lager (Pils), or popular wheat beer (Weizenbier) from Bavaria. Several places serve a traditional pretzel (Brezel) to accompany the beer.

Cafés in Ruhr

Most local cafés brew superb latte, nearly all of which prepare to drink in as well as to go. Your writer tends to search for establishments using a powerful machine with metal spouts and filters. Lovers of the Starbucks brand will find sufficient places in many corners of the Ruhr Metropolis.