Jazz Offensive Essen


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The Festival of the Jazz Offensive Essen (JOE) takes place in in the Ruhr Metropolis. The event will be hosted in the Katakomben Theater of the Giradethaus in Essen.

The association known as the Jazz Offensive Essen was founded in the summer of nineteen ninety five by a few jazz musicians and jazz enthusiasts. The number of members amounts to over one hundred and participation of supportive individuals or sponsorship is welcomed.

At the time of writing, besides the annual event, JOE organizes weekly concerts in the Lichtburg cinema in Essen, monthly concerts in the mayor house in Essen-Werden and regular workshops with renowned musicians in the cultural center Grend in Essen-Steele.



Jazz Offensive Essen e.V.

Feuerbachstrasse 2

45147 Essen , Ruhr


Phone: +49 201 327 817

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