Situation Kunst

An inspiring collection of art and buildings in Bochum

Written by Anneke Söpper and last edited by Garry on

© Heide von Berswordt-Wallrabe Bochum

Curiously, the Ruhr-University in Bochum possesses a large collection of art. A key component of the art collection is Situation Kunst (Situation Art). which offers a fascinating combination of “an interconnected system relating art, architecture, and nature as a synthesis”.

This rather different, perhaps unusual but certainly innovative way of presenting art, reveals contemporary paintings, graphics and sculptures exhibited an ensemble of several buildings located in the park of the Weitmar House in Bochum. The premises were specially constructed for the art they contain, clearly emphasising the works by their reduced, functional design.

The museum showcases contemporary art as well as ancient Asian and African works, delivering insights into both traditional tribe art and modernism. The comprehension of the area’s nature is a further very special character of the museum.

The latest building on the site, the Cubus, hosts temporary exhibits.



Situation Kunst

Nevelstrasse 29c

44795 Bochum , Ruhr


Phone: +49 234 298 8901

Fax: +49 234 298 8902

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