Red Dot Design Museum

Displaying an art form that influences the world

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If design is an art, then this is a fascinating collection of art. It can be argued that art forms the basis for everything from advertising, architecture to publishing, the web and also design.

Whether eating, playing, driving or working, our lives are determined by products that support, entertain and sometimes even seem useless to humanity. From the design of the television to the package of food, knife and fork or the car, all products represent everyday culture and are examples of a way of life.

The red dot design museum in Essen delivers the world’s biggest design exhibition with insights into high quality design culture. Products from all over the world, which have been decorated with the red dot design award are exhibited in the fascinating ensemble of industrial architecture.



red dot design museum, Deutschland

Gelsenkirchener Strasse 181

45309 Essen , NRW


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