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The Gasometer Oberhausen is more than just an industrial monument. Since its decommissioning in 1988 it has developed into the landmark of the city of Oberhausen and, beyond that, it has become an entire region’s identification sign that cannot be overlooked. Built in the late 1920’s, Europe’s largest disc-type gas holder is an impressive reminder of the heavy industry that characterised the Ruhr for more than a century.

Whoever enters the Gasometer, does not, however, only get an impression of great engineering skill. The recognition of the technical achievements of industrialisation is mingled with the fascination of the unique space experience which this gigantic ‘cathedral of industry’ conveys. Today the Gasometer provides the unique frame for cultural experiences of various kinds. Exhibitions, theatre and music are made viable and can be rediscovered and experienced with all the senses. As a venue, it has inspired artists of international relevance.



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