Cubus Kunst Halle

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Germany has traditionally invested heavily in the arts but with public purse strings tightening, new concepts are needing to be introduced.

The cubus kunsthalle in Duisburg has done just that. The city has handed over the building, the cubus gathers together sponsors and its innovative approach works. International diversity and quality as well as the inclusion of young artists and rather less popular artists are decisive for the young museum.

Located in the Kantpark in the heart of the city, the cubus offers collections of contemporary art and fascinating temporary exhibits. Due to their ambitious and diverse cultural program, the cubus kunsthalle is famous beyond the boundaries of the Ruhr area.

Another important aspect for this institution is the work with children and youths.



cubus kunsthalle e.V.

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Strasse 64

47051 Duisburg , NRW


Phone: +49 203 262 36

Fax: +49 203 217 92

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