Rural Zest

Green and lush countryside cover the Ruhr region

Written by Garry on


Surprisingly to most, including the residents themselves, Ruhr possesses vast swathes of green and rich countryside. The east of the region offers stunning ares of hilly, almost mountainous terrain where the river Ruhr weaves its way towards Duisburg. The west reveals lowlands reaching out to the flatter plains of the bed of the river Rhine.

The north is a also an area of wide open spaces accessible to people wishing to experience nature and to the south, the landscape is defined once again by the upheavals of geological shifts and the the influence of water. Nature reserves, vast recreational areas, quiet hideaways and also numerous parks and open urban spaces can all be experienced in the Ruhr metropolis.

According to RVR, the Regionalverband Ruhr (Ruhr Regional Association) a full sixty percent of the region’s area is not urbanised. First impressions deceive. The countryside has historically been defined by coal and water, both important ingredients of the industrial revolution in Germany. Yet they too are part of the mix that still today give residents of Ruhr their beautiful rural back garden to enjoy.