Regional Cities

Cities located around the Ruhr

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Besides places such as Bochum and Duisburg, Essen and Dortmund in the Ruhr Metropolis a few cities await to be explored in the most densely populated area of Germany. Visiting one of the large cities nearby can be rewarding, Whether travelling by car or by train, exploring is easy in the large urban spaces of the Rhine Ruhr region, a Mecca for city lovers.


A short journey to the west is Germany at its finest. Offering a unique blend of conspicuous consumption and beer-drinking bonhomie, Düsseldorf combines world-class shopping and cultural attractions with the down-to-earth charms of the Rhineland. The city has a thriving economy, a relatively low unemployment rate, excellent infrastructure and friendly people. The capital of the state, this city of about 600,000 doubles as Germany’s fashion capital, as well as playing host to major corporations and first-rate trade fairs. Cosmopolitan, fun loving and unabashedly chic, Düsseldorf delivers big city life on a human scale.


A large and highly friendly city can be found further along the river Rhine to the south. Cologne (Köln) is Germany’s fourth largest city after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich and it is hard to find a place where people smile more than here. Located just forty kilometres away from Düsseldorf it is not far to travel from anywhere in the Ruhr, its most famous landmark is without doubt the Cathedral. The massive construction houses the relics of the Three Magi and became a Unesco World Heritage site in 1996. Other sights are the twelve Romanesque churches, the Roman-Germanic Museum and the Chocolate Museum. Its great nightlife and tolerant attitudes are good reasons to drop by.


The city of Bonn is again not too far further south of Cologne. The former capital of West Germany became somewhat quieter after much of central government was moved to Berlin. The picturesque city centre, the Museum of the history of the Federal Republic of Germany still attract thousands of visitors and the international flair of the city’s past is still alive. Many international companies and NGOs have their German headquarters here. A cosmopolitan atmosphere and the feel of a prosperous, clean German city are omnipresent.