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The residents of Ruhr can quite easily spend time taking in the green surroundings and admiring much of what they see.

While the Metropolis appears from the air to be a massive of urban zone, it is in fact polycentric. Unlike Paris or London both of which possess long centralised traditions in their respective countries, the towns and districts in the area of the Ruhr developed their own localities parallel to each other.

Thus, contrary to popular belief, larger rural spaces interweave with towns offering a chance to breathe in the countryside. Vast areas surrounding the main axis from Duisburg through Essen and Bochum to Dortmund reveal large spaces of natural beauty as well as wide agricultural landscapes. Small towns and villages dotted across the region complete a rural experience.


The major rivers in the Ruhr Metropolis, the Emscher, Lippe, Rhine and Ruhr, offer open spaces for recreation and quality of life. Some three hundred waterworks along the banks of the Ruhr purify and prepare its water while continuous and diligent analysis guarantees high water quality.

Rural Zest

The Ruhr region possesses vast swathes of green and rich countryside. Stunning areas of hilly terrain of the river Ruhr lead west to lowlands and flatter plains of the bed of the river Rhine. A delightful mix that give residents of Ruhr their beautiful rural back garden to enjoy.

Nature Reserves

Walking in and around the countryside of the Ruhr Metropilis, numerous signs can be seen declaring a nature conservation area (Naturschutzgebiet). The protection and preservation of flora and fauna, ecosystems and endangered species is high on the agenda in the region and across Germany.