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Düsseldorf Airport is important, Dortmund an alternative

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Düsseldorf Airport offers a fresh modern design that is easy to navigate. And whist some airports are massive hubs processing many tens of millions of passengers, Düsseldorf’s is one of those few dotted around the globe where the necessary formalities surrounding a flight can be surprisingly smooth.

Modern, light and open, the airport is very accessible. Don’t be misled by the somewhat cluttered approach from the outside. Watch out for traffic wardens when staying longer than a mere drop-off or pick-up. The car park opposite offers a very close and inexpensive alternative.

Orientation and speedy check-in is facilitated by three compact, interconnecting terminals and short distances. Amenities are of international standards with excellent shopping possible right up to the gate. The airport also boasts a supermarket with opening hours that avoid the regulatory stranglehold on retail and are second to none in the region, in or out of an airport.

It is a mere ten kilometres and ten minutes by taxi from downtown Düsseldorf and between thirty minutes to an hour and a half from the Ruhr Metropolis. The terminals also connect well with the national rail system, local public transport and the motorway network.

The nearest alternative for the cities of Ruhr such as Bochum, Dortmund, Duisburg, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Hagen and Oberhausen is Dortmund. Due to limited air traffic there, passengers may wish to use alternatives farther afield such as Cologne/Bonn or Weeze, both about an hour away. They are relatively easy to get to but journey times can be somewhat unpredictable in this densely populated and highly motorised region.