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Specialists work closely with the local community and help care for visitors and exhibitors wellbeing beyond the fairground. Contacts to local restaurants, hotels and other facilities can make a stay more than just successful. Exhibitors benefit from the sports and treatments available in the spa in the neighbouring Grugapark, Germany’s largest and most attractive municipal park.

Messe Essen attracts some 1.4 million visitors annually to Germany’s economically most active region. Coming from about 140 countries across the globe, they contribute to over one third of hotel bookings in Essen.

Messe Essen is a key player and supporter of closer ties in the Ruhr Metropolis, Europe’s third largest urbanisation with over five million people. At the heart of the region, Essen alone is Germany’s ninth largest city by population. Such places as Dortmund, Duisburg and Bochum head a long list of cites in the area. Messe Essen plays an important role, both nationally and internationally.





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