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© Ruhr Tourismus / Jochen Schlutius
© Ruhr Tourismus / Jochen Schlutius
© Ruhr Tourismus / Jochen Schlutius

As the official organisation for promoting tourism in the Ruhr region of North Rhine Westfalia, Ruhr Tourism offers comprehensive information on holiday and leisure topics as well as services in the Ruhr Metropolis. Experienced staff strives to answer any question as thoroughly as possible and fulfil every wish that may arise concerning a stay in the region. This includes details on tourist attractions and leisure activities, events, online booking facilities for hotel rooms, examples of all-inclusive rates and so on.

Stretching 116 kilometres from east to west and 67 kilometres north to south, 53 cities and towns have grown together with their neighbours, interconnected by highways and railway tracks, rivers and canals. The region has been divided into five discovery areas to aid orientation and to help get to know the highlights, sights and recreation facilities. “Kulturhafen Ruhr” around Duisburg, “Spectacular and Popular” around Oberhausen, “Arts and Creativity” around Essen, “Festspielplatz Ruhr” around Bochum and finally “Ruhr Creative” around Dortmund all offer unique insights and exciting regions to explore.



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