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Working wonders in the Ruhr Metropolis

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Outdoor view of the structures of the Zeche Zollverein
© Ruhr Tourismus / Lueger
Outdoor view of the Jahrhunderthalle building
© Jahrhunderthalle Bochum
Outdoor view of the Colosseum building
© Colosseum Theater

Location, location, location

Or to be more specific, venue, venue, venue also holds true for organisers and hosts in the global MICE sector. While service, support, organisation, committment, catering and entertainment need be first rate, so too should facilities and opportunities.

An inspiring destination attracts attendees to an event and the Ruhr Metropolis fulfills expectations with a stunning array of impressive places to come together. For meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions and events.

The Ruhr Metropolis

A powerhouse of the German economy, the fascinating Ruhr Metropolis is a short distance from Düsseldorf, the state capital of NRW. The Ruhr region is built upon its combined potential of several airports, dense highway and rail networks, vast swathes of natural beauty and numerous cities that have merged to create a strong metropolis.

Above all, something special has grown here and remains unchanged. Ruhr Meeting’s partners in the Ruhr region are honest, reliable, down-to-earth and welcoming.

Ruhr Meeting Working Wonders

The Ruhr Metropolis is a big player offering unlimited locations and opportunities. A vast potpurri of hundreds of locations, special event locations and industrial-cultural locations offer perfect facilities for events with various capacities and themes.

  • More than 365 locations in total, 160 of which are special event locations
  • Specific unique selling point of industrial-cultural locations
  • International airports in Dortmund and Düsseldorf
  • 7 ICE stations and one of the densest transport networks in Europe
  • VRR regional mobility partner with many services for events such as combined tickets and journey planner
  • 60 million people can be reached in 3 hours travel time
  • 5 universities with 3 medical faculties, 15 universities of applied sciences and an art academy
  • 4 Fraunhofer Institutes, 4 Leibniz Institutes, 3 Max Planck Institutes

Ruhr Metropolis Leading Awareness

A closer look at the new refreshing image reveals that few old clichés concerning the Ruhr Metropolis apply to the spirit and life in the Ruhr region. The river Ruhr for instance, is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. Due to cultural revitalization of industrial sites, cultural landscapes have been created which, in their own way, are unique.

Vast areas of natural beauty, open areas of lakes and waterways, dense forests, wide agricultural spaces, mountainous regions and deep valleys as well as nature parks complete the desirability of a cleaner, attractive environment. The pride of friendly and communicative local residents!




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