City Topics in the Ruhr

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© Amazing Capitals / Greg
© Amazing Capitals / Greg
© Amazing Capitals / Greg

In such a massive area as the Ruhr Metropolis, urban sprawl is highly visible to expats and German residents alike. Such cities and towns as Dortmund, Bochum, Essen, Duisburg, Gelsenkirchen, Mülheim, Oberhausen and Recklinghausen form the backbone of this Ruhr region with some five million residents.

Depending both upon their general source of wealth, the way in which towns were developed as well as today’s political leadership, fortunes vary enormously. Many places offer a lively atmosphere just waiting to be experienced.

Getting around town is fairly straightforward since, unlike such capital cities as Madrid, London or Paris, the downtown city centres are relatively compact. All in all, over 50 places can be found here and each is unique.

Economic Development Ruhr

Corporations and entrepreneurs wishing to relocate and invest in area have a wide choice of offices in the Ruhr Metropolis (Metropole Ruhr) to approach to receive economic and trade development support. Teams of professionals offer advice from start-up to the entire administrative process.

Twin Towns

Town twinning is the concept of creating a partnership between cities and the main goal for partner cities in different countries is to work together in cultural and economical sectors. Locations in the Ruhr Metropolis have twinned with more than 200 national (from GDR days) or international places.


Several beautiful parks in the Ruhr Metropolis create beatiful environments for a pleasant stroll, picnic or mere relaxation. They include the Stadtpark Bochum, Rombergpark Dortmund, Immanuel Kant Park Duisburg, Grugapark Essen, Berger Park Gelsenkirchen and Kaisergarten Oberhausen.


Urban Feel in the Ruhr

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Many locations in Ruhr offer lively, modern urban zones with exciting interaction. Towns often seem to interlink and yellow signs marking a new municipality can be easily overlooked. The flavour of inner city life can vary enormously depending on the longstanding traditions of places.


Trade Fair Messe Essen

© Messe Essen

Modern, international and important. That’s what Messe Essen means to our guest organisers, exhibitors, visitors and our own team. It is the meeting place for those people with the most comprehensive sector expertise to share and exhibit their cutting-edge ideas and new products.


Ruhr Tourism

© Ruhr Tourismus / Jochen Schlutius

Ruhr Tourism offers easy access to any or all of five discovery areas in the fascinating Ruhr Metropolis. Discover everything from spectacular locations, tranquil moments, marvellous transformation, open spaces, great cities, timeless art to vibrant culture. All in one unique location.