Christmastime Trip to the Ruhr Region

Enjoyable Yuletide in the exciting region of the Ruhr Metropolis

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© Ruhr Tourismus / Thomas Winkler
blightly lit Christmas Tree in the city
Flying Santa Claus and his sleigh at Bochum Christmas Market
© Ingo Otto

The Ruhr Metropolis is a great place to enjoy a few days on a Christmastime trip. Take in the scents of roasted almonds (Mandeln) and mulled wine (Glühwein) at one of the famous Christmas markets this year. Whether cosy and nostalgic or larger the choice is vast. Highlights include the world’s largest Christmas tree in Dortmund, imaginitive illuminations in Essen or a woodland landscape in the centre of town in Oberhausen. Experience friendly locals and a warm welcome whilst joining the festivities with joyous folk who speak surprisingly good English. Surely the mulled wine helps break the ice!

Shop too for Christmas presents in the Ruhr region in one of Europe’s largest malls, where surprisingly low prices are offered on many consumer goods. An inspirational visit to the Folkwang Museum or Zeche Zollverein with its Red Dot Design Museum. Or perhaps the Football and Brewery Museums are more to your taste. Enjoy that magical Christmas excursion a mere one hour flight from many of Europe’s airports.

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A Stunning Selection

Christmas Markets in the Ruhr, Germany

Fortunately for expats, the Ruhr Metropolis reveals probably the highest density of Christmas markets in the world. A delightful, highly popular German tradition. A flying Santa, the world’s largest Christmas tree, woodland Christmas village, impressive illuminations and diverse events are highlights.


Ruhr Tourismus GmbH

Centroallee 261

46047 Oberhausen , NRW


Phone: +49 1805 181 620 Service Charge


World's Largest Christmas Tree

Christmas Market Dortmund


Dortmund inspires with possibly the largest Christmas tree in the world. Placed in the heart of the city on the old market place (Alter Markt), 48,000 lamps adorn this 45 metres high construction. Bathe in the wonderful scents of a fine Christmas market in Germany.


Markthandel- und Schausteller-Verband

Hansastrasse 72

44137 Dortmund , NRW


Phone: +49 231 571 468

Fax: +49 231 586 0096


Delightful Illuminations

Christmas Market Essen


With a different international theme each year, Essen creates one of the most magical experiences in Germany. Over 250 stands are gathered on several squares and streets while incredible light installations create a most romantic atmosphere through the inner city.


Essen Marketing GmbH

Rathenaustrasse 2

45127 Essen , Ruhr


Phone: +49 201 887 200

Fax: +49 201 887 2022


Flying Santa Claus

Christmas Market in Bochum


One of the best Christmas markets in the Ruhr region of Germany is in Bochum. The medieval market square and the region’s only Flying Santa, artists who soar above the heads of kids and adults alike on a wonderful sleigh drawn by reindeer, are just two attractions.


Bochum Marketing GmbH

Huestrasse 9

44787 Bochum

Phone: +49 234 904 960

Fax: +49 234 904 9621


Fancy Fair

Christmas Market Duisburg


The Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt) in Duisburg is accompanied by beautifully bright lit trees, creations and strings of lamps. One hundred wooden stalls create a more intimate feel, awaiting visitors with mulled wine (Glühwein), tasty delights, a big wheel and skating rink.


Duisburg Marketing GmbH

Landfermannstrasse 6

47051 Duisburg , Ruhr


Phone: +49 201 203 305 250

Fax: +49 201 203 305 2525


Wrapped Surprises

Limbecker Platz

Located in the middle of Essen, the Limbecker Platz shopping mall has become a place to meet and enjoy all manner of attractions. Considered the most magnificent shopping center in the Ruhr region, over 200 shops offer a diverse and appealing mix of stores and a most enjoyable shopping experience.


Limbecker Platz Essen

Limbecker Platz 1a

45127 Essen , NRW


Phone: +49 201 177 8960

Fax: +49 201 177 896 99


Purchase Presents

Thier Galerie

The fine variety of stores nestled in the attractive Thier Galerie shopping mall in the heart of Dortmund offers a most enjoyable retail experience. Over 160 shops, cafés and restaurants under one roof and relatively inexpensive parking reveal a great place to spend a few hours discovering new trends.


Thier-Galerie Dortmund

Westenhellweg 102-106

44137 Dortmund , NRW


Phone: +49 231 963 2550

Fax: +49 231 963 255 99


Shop Till You Drop

CentrO Oberhausen

The CentrO in Oberhausen is the largest shopping and recreational centre in Europe. With over 200 stores the mall is huge, offering a fantastic shopping experience in an atmosphere that is fun and inspiring. A enormous range of shops and stores await enthusiastic consumers.


CentrO Management GmbH

Centroallee 100

46047 Oberhausen , NRW


Phone: +49 208 828 2055


Underwater Marvels

Sea Life

Discover an enormous and fascinating underwater world at SEA LIFE in Oberhausen. Across an area of around 4,000 square metres, some 20,000 ocean-dwellers in 50 huge aquariums can be admired. Or take an imposing stroll through a tunnel underneath 1.5 million litres of water in the tropical ocean tank.


SEA LIFE Deutschland GmbH

Zum Aquarium 1

46047 Oberhausen , NRW


Phone: +49 180 5 66 690 101 Charged


Building Blocks

LegoLand® Discovery Centre

The LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre in Duisburg offers visitors enjoy incredible adventures. Whatever the occasion; children’s birthday party, educational activities or rainy day fun with the family, all can spend hours together at the kids’ attractions enjoying and exploring inside the world’s biggest box of LEGO.


LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre

Philosophenweg 23-25

47051 Duisburg , NRW


Phone: +49 203 570 888 10