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Travel to and from the Ruhr region

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The Ruhr Metropolis is a powerful region. It comprises numerous cities, marvellous landscapes, small villages and towns with architectural styles that both delight and disappoint. Famous rivers, brooks and streams weave their way south to north and east to west.

Fascinating locations include Essen and Dortmund revealing surprising diversity. The Ruhr Metropolis also surprises with vast swathes of natural beauty and open spaces in spite of being the most populated area in Germany.

Accessability to foreign destinations via the international airport in the the state capital of Düsseldorf is just down the road from the western Ruhr region.

Spring Break Ruhr

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One of the most exciting places in Europe reveals its metamorphosis from industrial powerhouse to modern, innovative area in NRW. Impressive architecture, beautiful landscapes and a multitude of impressive cultural centres are spread across the Ruhr region.


Summer Excursion in the Ruhr

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Spend wonderful summer days visiting the unique region of the Ruhr, Europe's most underestimated metropolitan region full of surprises. Attractions include funfairs, festivals, exhibitions, shopping in many cities and malls, LegoLand® Discovery Centre, Movie Park and Sea Life.


Christmastime Trip to the Ruhr Region

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Experience the true German Christmas tradition this year at a marvellous Christmas market in the Ruhr Metropolis. Stand below an imposing 45 metre high tree and taste the scent of Yuletide a mere one hour flight from many of Europe's airports. All possible on a magical Christmastime trip to the Ruhr.