A loose collection of many towns and millions of inhabitants

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In spite of many desires from many people such as the high ranking and agreeable, longstanding Bundestag President Dr. Norbert Lammert and many others, the Ruhr region does not possess a capital city. Numerous locals have gathered together and formed organisations to promote such an idea but to no avail.

The list of large cities is long, yet for the purposes of Amazing Ruhr the central location and its institutions will be Essen. With some 575.000 residents not the largest in North Rhine Westphalia but certainly a big player in the Ruhr, known also as Metropolis Ruhr, Metropole Ruhr, Ruhrgebiet and somewhat lovingly Ruhrpott.

There is a phrase called Kirchturmdenken (church tower thinking) that defines the local way of thought and priorities of politicians and the like. Well, what a surprise that that exists in an area covering fifty two municipal and county regions.

Either way, the Ruhr offers a magnitude of places to live. Each offer their own attractions and quirks, more or less lively town centres and open spaces. For sure, the Ruhr is cosmopolitan, varied and crowded.

Relocation Agencies in the Ruhr Region

According to sources within the industry only a third of moves are handled by a relocation agency. Yet relocation naturally involves far more than just moving to a new house. The Ruhr region is a complex place where it is not necessarily easy to identify the suburb of choice to move to.

Public Agencies

Essen does not seem to have signed up for 115, the efficient service number available to government agencies and offices in most countries in the EU. Unfortunately, there are also a few issues with their English website and the mail address published does not bode well for a quick response.


Those moving to Ruhr will find that in Germany everyone taking up residency needs to register. In general, anyone who plans to remain here for more than three months will need to visit the local authorities within the first week after arrival. The process is normally straightforward.


Vehicle License


To register a car that has been purchased in Germany it is necessary to take a few documents to the local department of transportation (Strassenverkehrsamt). The passport of the person to whom the vehicle is being registered is a must as well as previous papers and technical approvals.


Driver License

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When driving in Germany it is necessary to convert a foreign driver's license to a local German version (Führerschein) within the first six months. Following that time, the original license is no longer valid and driving not permitted. The word for driver license is not used in Essen but driver permission!


Welcome to Ruhr

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A warm welcome to the Ruhr and Amazing Ruhr, a unique collection of information for international residents in their foreign location. Whether you are preparing your move, have recently arrived or already a resident, we wish you an very enjoyable stay and much fun navigating your new home.