Learning the language and assorted others

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The argument for learning can be a good one. Some say when they stop acquiring knowledge, they may as well be dead. Strong perhaps, but personal development can often be interrupted by an assignment abroad or when accompanying a partner who relocates. Yet the argument for learning can be a good one.

Whether a personal coach, a university education or merely the necessity to communicate in the local language, lending the mind to a period of study can be highly rewarding.

Art & Theatre Tuition

Those wishing to discover their creative side can join a group offering tuition or amateur performances and experience. One unusual theatre group able to boast a long tradition in the Ruhr Metropolis is associated with the Duisburg Essen University. Sounds like fun on and off the stage!


While German is quite complex, it possesses an understandable logic. For Asian nationals the language can be quite a tongue twister. UK or US nationals may have learned it at school, eastern and northern Europeans grasp it quickly. Learning a language can be highly enjoyable.