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Sending an old-fashioned letter or a package

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The postal service in Germany has only partially been deregulated. The major company people turn to for most of their postal requirements is called simply the Post. The post office offers many services including automated package collection stations. Mailboxes are placed across town, a red dot signifies a more regular collection interval.

Mail delivery is available from several companies that offer their services to businesses, hence some letters such as bank statements and utility bills many be delivered by them.

Packages handed over at a post office are delivered by their subsidiary DHL, an alternative operator is Hermes.

Amateur philatelists and writers who enjoy sending letters and packages with special stamps (Sondermarke) have a small choice and should specifically ask for them at the counter.



Deutsche Post AG

Logenstrasse 6

45127 Essen , NRW


Phone: +49 180 233 33 Charged

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