Experts In the Ruhr Metropolis

Professionals assisting and helping expats

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Used to being offered a large choice and provided with excellent service at home, some expats may need to rethink some expectations when abroad. The emotional relationships to clients differ in every country and can certainly be different in Germany. The choice is limited too.

The language barrier is one area where translation of different thought processes can unfortunately help to complicate matters. Friction can arise through differing expectations and because of misunderstandings during conversation. Also, the knowledge, or lack thereof, of regional specifics of the processes can confuse matters further.

Many local companies and individual professionals excel at what they do. Some experts in the Ruhr Metropolis are specialised in helping expats through expert advise, services and abilities.

IHK in the Western Ruhr Region

Six chambers of commerce and industry support their members in the regional districts in the Ruhr Metropolis. They form an association called “Ruhr IHK” and cooperate in all issues that concern the interests of the member companies and the Ruhr region as a whole.