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Ruhr is an easy place for families and single people alike. As for setting up home, the variety of stores for furnishings and fittings in and around the towns of the Ruhr are extraordinary. Competition is high amongst telecommunications companies but things don’t happen overnight in Germany. Service levels of many of the established giants can be extremely frustrating. Especially for those with high expectancy from home. Contracts and deals are a jungle.

Local utilities companies offer complete services and a few national giants and lower priced competitors are also available. Expect similar confusing tariffs as in other countries. In an emergency, response times are normally extremely short and the assistance offered is professional. Those who have brought a pet can expect loving attention and high quality care from vets. And mostly tolerant neighbours. Those renting should remember that landlords don’t have to accept pets.


The banks in Germany are pretty much as in any country and the branches of big banks can be found scattered across urban areas of the Ruhr region. Those wishing for a more personal touch could turn to private bankers. Sparkasse Köln Bonn fortunately offers internet banking in English.

Telecoms in the Ruhr Metropolis

As in other countries, mobile (Mobil) and land line (Festnetz) are in fierce competition with each other. Complete packages for mobile, land line, internet broadband, mobile broadband and tv can be obtained from several suppliers. It is also possible to pick and choose each individually.

Utilities in Neuss

Local utilities corporations offer complete services, while a few national giants and lower priced competitors are also available to purchase power from. In Neuss, the local semi-public company belongs in part to Stadtwerke Neuss, which is owned by Stadt Neuss.


International School Ruhr

several students and teachers in classroom
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The International School Ruhr in Essen offers an exciting new environment for educating international children from countries across the globe. For many expat and German executives, the availability of a school geared towards international requirements is essential when choosing a base to live and to work.


Pets in Ruhr

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Germans love and respect pets and are friendly towards dogs. It is the law to keep a pet on a leash apart from inside special pens in some open spaces in urban areas. Surprisingly for some, dogs can be taken easily aboard public transport and normally in restaurants unless otherwise stated.