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An English word, wellness, has been introduced to the German language and is used to define pampering oneself. Many Germans love to take care of themselves so several topics can fall under this category. They include spas, gyms, jogging and basically anything involving movement or not.

English speakers might say wellbeing. And since people in Germany enjoy investing in personal appearance, much is on offer in Ruhr for an expats good health and well being.

Also saunas, steam baths, beauty treatments, oriental massages and spas coexist with sports centres, health centres and all manner of clubs for yoga and sports activities. And beauticians, dentists and cosmetic surgeons. Curiously, tanning salons can be found all over this country.

Health Clubs

Numerous different health clubs are located all across Ruhr. Some are nationally branded such as Fitness First and Kieser Training, others are more individual. All tend to have a particular focus, perhaps specialised in training for women, or are experts on back ailments and so on.

Active in the Ruhr Region

Many sports activities are on offer throughout Ruhr. The variety is quite surprising with something available for any weather, come rain or shine. More surprising may be the skiing but both indoor and outdoor sports such as swimming, golf, riding and soccer are available in many places.


Spas offer enjoyable landscapes creating enticing environments for a few hours or even a whole day. Facilities often combine one or more swimming pools, many saunas of different types and temperatures as well as treatments such as massages. Good for mind, body and soul.



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Most Germans tend to take good care of their teeth, not only due to regular daily brushing but through professional cleaning. While many people used to be forced to visit the dentist by toothache, dental care has long been a fundamental aspect of the insurance system.



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Medicines can be bought for minor ailments and doctors prescriptions accepted at pharmacies or chemists (Apotheke) found in just about every district. In Germany they tend to be small, individually owned and run by chemists trained highly in medical issues and able to give professional advice.



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Vets in Germany are highly trained and professional. Most are very caring, treat their patients lovingly and pet owners with respect. Ideal, when a four-legged member of the family is feeling under the weather and consequently all the other family members are suffering too.