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From administrative centres to more industrial regions many cities and towns in the Ruhr metropolis are home to a wide range of international and national corporations. Whether Essen and Dortmund, Oberhausen or Duisburg, local communities have been enriched by waves of immigration over decades. Ethnic diversity has arisen with more recent newcomers relocating from across the globe.

Society has been influenced by people from from the Mediterranean, eastern and south-eastern Europe and other countries within the EU, with many places boasting a strong Turkish population. Considering the vast range of nationalities, cultures, beliefs and religions in the area, the Ruhr region is extremely safe and peaceful. And welcoming.


The banks in Germany are pretty much as in any country and the branches of big banks can be found scattered across urban areas of the Ruhr region. Those wishing for a more personal touch could turn to private bankers. Sparkasse Köln Bonn fortunately offers internet banking in English.

Welcome to Ruhr

A warm welcome to the Ruhr and Amazing Ruhr, a unique collection of information for international residents in their foreign location. Whether you are preparing your move, have recently arrived or already a resident, we wish you an very enjoyable stay and much fun navigating your new home.


The Ruhr offers a magnitude of places to live. Each offer their own attractions and quirks, more or less lively town centres and open spaces. For sure, the Ruhr is cosmopolitan, varied and crowded. Numerous locals have tried to promote a central administration but with little success.



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Most Germans tend to take good care of their teeth, not only due to regular daily brushing but through professional cleaning. While many people used to be forced to visit the dentist by toothache, dental care has long been a fundamental aspect of the insurance system.


Utilities in the Ruhr

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Large local utilities corporations offer complete services, while a few national giants and lower priced competitors are also available to purchase consumer energy sources. In Essen and other towns of Ruhr it is possible to package electricity, gas and water from the public-private companies.


International School Ruhr

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The International School Ruhr in Essen offers an exciting new environment for educating international children from countries across the globe. For many expat and German executives, the availability of a school geared towards international requirements is essential when choosing a base to live and to work.