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Amazing Ruhr is the comprehensive English language guide to introduce expats to the Ruhr region and and assist their needs.

To assist expats, local authorities and businesses, the first eBook for Düsseldorf is now published. Enjoy over 50 pages of new articles, excerpts from the eGuide plus a few personal stories. Free to download and available to share, no sign up required.

I am enormously pleased and proud to present the new Amazing Capitals format launched in Valencia, Spain. This magnificent city located on the Mediterranean shores is a great place for expats to relocate to. Innovative business incubators, water supplier and city administration are one reason. Then there is the sun, the light, the friendliness of locals, and, and, and… Thank you to my launch partners, Ayuntamiento de Valencia, Global Omnium, Oceanografic and La Marina.

View the fresh new design of Amazing Capitals Valencia, which will be rolled out to current locations later in the year.

Find original English and other language movies in the Ruhr in the popular movies article on Amazing Ruhr. Updated weekly with dates and times of showings of OV and OmU.

Finally, if you are planning an exciting event or congress, find inspiring and unique locations in the Ruhr at Ruhr Meeting.


Marathon in Essen

This annual marathon has been held since as long ago as 1963. It sees participants chasing each other twice on an asphalt route around the picturesque Baldeneysee in Essen Ruhr. The day also sees a relay marathon taking the same route. With such views and atmosphrere, its a great event.

Light Weeks in Essen


© © EMG

The Essen Light Weeks create a magical atmosphere through the city centre. Generally presenting a multi-facetted picture of a particular partner country under the motto of "Europe in Essen", magnificent bright displays hang above the heads of people strolling by.


OV Movies and Films in Ruhr


Outdoor view of Lichtburg movie theatre, cinema
© Amazing Capitals / Greg

11-17.10 Original language movies in Ruhr in English: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Bad Times at the El Royale, Dogman, Incredibles 2, A Star Is Born, Venom, The Children Act, BlacKkKlansman, Book Club.


Museum Folkwang

© Ruhr Tourismus / Jochen Schlutius

Museum Folkwang opened January 2010 when Essen and the Ruhr Area became one of Europe’s Capitals of Culture for that year. The collections of the museum are as varied as they are vast; paintings, sculptures and objects, photographs, graphics and posters.


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Numerous good German specialists have returned patients to better health through diet and homaeopathic therapy. As opposed to doctors treating symptoms the herbalist method (Naturheilverfahren) tends to take an holistic (ganzheltich) approach to the body of a patient.

Kiosk culture in the Ruhr

Interior view of kiosk in Essen Heisingen, Ruhr Metriopolis
© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg

Kiosks are invaluable at certain times. Tucked into side streets and off main roads, they are able to fulfill spontaneous needs. Even though larger shops now open longer, these convenience stores normally offer drinks, alcohol, snacks and a small selection of foodstuffs at hours that others don't.


International School Ruhr

several students and teachers in classroom
© Debora Berge

The International School Ruhr in Essen offers an exciting new environment for educating international children from countries across the globe. For many expat and German executives, the availability of a school geared towards international requirements is essential when choosing a base to live and to work.


Utilities in the Ruhr

© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg

Large local utilities corporations offer complete services, while a few national giants and lower priced competitors are also available to purchase consumer energy sources. In Essen and other towns of Ruhr it is possible to package electricity, gas and water from the public-private companies.


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Do's & Don'ts

Some aspects of life in a foreign country can be of surprise. One are two important points about living in Germany might be worth considering. This way any unwitting offence towards the locals can be avoided as can an unfortunate run in with the police or authorities.

Trade Fair Messe Essen

© Messe Essen

Modern, international and important. That’s what Messe Essen means to our guest organisers, exhibitors, visitors and our own team. It is the meeting place for those people with the most comprehensive sector expertise to share and exhibit their cutting-edge ideas and new products.



© Peter Friese

North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) is Germany's largest federal state by population and fourth by size. Green meadows and woodlands, hilly and mountainous regions, agriculture and dense urban zones as well as forty-four rivers such as the Rhine and Ruhr define the state.


State Sights

© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg

Important historical events have shaped NRW and many monuments preserve their memory. Besides the cathedral in Cologne, the Hermann Monument and the burial site of Charlemagne in Aachen, many castles, cathedrals and smaller monuments can be found across the state.


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