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At the moment a variety of activities such as music, funfair and theatre are happening in the Ruhr. They include the Ruhr Reggae Summer Dortmund, Sterkrader Fronleichnams-Kirmes, the Piano Festival and the Ruhrfestspiele in Recklinghausen.

Many cinemas across the Ruhr show original language movies, some with subtitles. The movies page is updated each week to give a quick and easy overview with film titles, times, locations and links all on one page.


Ruhr Reggae Summer Dortmund

Located in the Revierpark Wischlingen, the first of the Ruhr Reggae Summer annual festivals gathers a fantastic collection of performers on stage. Dortmund in the Ruhr Metropolis offers a huge arena with beach area, space for camping, foods that have included vegan.

Sterkrader Fronleichnams-Kirmes

The funfair is held from Wednesday afternoon to the following Monday night during the feast of Corpus Christi. At that time of year the center of the city turns into a place of hustle and bustle, laughter and fun attract about one million visitors each and every year.

Shakespeare Festival Neuss


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The Bard may have died four hundred years ago but his legacy lives on in Neuss where a wonderfully international Shakespeare Festival takes place at the Globe. The twenty sixteen season sees ten performances in English by three companies from Britain, one in French and several in German.


Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen


© Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen

Each year during May and June Recklinghausen changes into a world stage for productions of famous directors and performances of awarded actors. Furthermore, the festival gives young talents the chance to show their skills. Fringe and English performances are available.


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The Ruhr offers a magnitude of places to live. Each offer their own attractions and quirks, more or less lively town centres and open spaces. For sure, the Ruhr is cosmopolitan, varied and crowded. Numerous locals have tried to promote a central administration but with little success.

Lost & Found in Ruhr

The national 24/7 hotline 116 116 for lost cash and credit cards in Germany leads to a central service which helps block any lost or stolen cash or credit cards. It can also apply to other sensitive items like mobiles, smart phones or employee cards. The call is free of charge within Germany.

International School Ruhr

© IS Ruhr

Founded in August 2010, the International School Ruhr (IS Ruhr) in Essen is ideally situated to serve expatriate families in the whole of the Ruhr region. It offers an exciting new environment for educating young international children from countries across the globe.


Finnlines to Helsinki

© Finnlines

Looking for an exciting Springtime or Easter trip? Vibrant Helsinki awaits with open arms and delightful atmosphere. And instead of flying try a different route. What better way is there to visit than taking a calm trip with Finnlines and experiencing more delights along the way?


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Towns and cities are fairly easy to navigate on a bicycle, distances between them can be quite daunting on two wheels though. The local public transport systems allow bikes on most trams at most times of the day. Official paths for cycling can be recognised by a typical red colour.


The major axis of rail tracks connects cities and towns of Ruhr with fast national and international networks. Local trains (Regionalbahn) run in all directions north, south, east, west as well as in and across Ruhr. Most tickets in the VRR region are valid on these trains.

City Topics

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The Ruhr metropolis offers over 50 towns and municipalities, each is unique and many places offer a lively atmosphere just waiting to be experienced. Getting around town is fairly straightforward since downtown virtually all city centres are relatively small.


Plane, Flight, Airport

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Düsseldorf Airport is the third largest airport in Germany after Frankfurt and Munich. During recent years it has gained importance as a hub for intercontinental flights and is only some thirty minutes or so from the west of Ruhr and up to an hour or more from the east.


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