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Amazing Ruhr is the comprehensive English language guide to introduce expats to the Ruhr region and and assist their needs.

Find original English and other language movies in the Ruhr in the popular movies article on Amazing Capitals Ruhr. Updated weekly with dates and times of showings of OV and OmU.

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Christmastime Trip to the Ruhr Region

Experience the true German Christmas tradition this year at a marvellous Christmas market in the Ruhr Metropolis. Stand below an imposing 45 metre high tree and taste the scent of Yuletide a mere one hour flight from many of Europe's airports. All possible on a magical Christmastime trip to the Ruhr.

OV Movies and Films in Ruhr


Outdoor view of Lichtburg movie theatre, cinema
© Amazing Capitals / Greg

The week November 13-20: Original language movies in Ruhr in English: The Irishman, Ford v. Ferrari, Last Christmas, Giant Little Ones, Parasite, Zombieland: Double Tap, The Laundromat, Joker, The White Crow, Harald & Maude.


Light Weeks in Essen


© © EMG

The Essen Light Weeks create a magical atmosphere through the city centre. Many motifs bring light into the darkest period of winter and magnificent bright displays hang above the heads of people strolling by. The Christmas Market runs parallel for several weeks from mid November until Yuletide.


Museum Folkwang

© Ruhr Tourismus / Jochen Schlutius

Museum Folkwang opened January 2010 when Essen and the Ruhr Area became one of Europe’s Capitals of Culture for that year. The collections of the museum are as varied as they are vast; paintings, sculptures and objects, photographs, graphics and posters.


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Numerous good German specialists have returned patients to better health through diet and homaeopathic therapy. As opposed to doctors treating symptoms the herbalist method (Naturheilverfahren) tends to take an holistic (ganzheltich) approach to the body of a patient.

International School Ruhr

several students and teachers in classroom
© Debora Berge

The International School Ruhr in Essen offers an exciting new environment for educating international children from countries across the globe. For many expat and German executives, the availability of a school geared towards international requirements is essential when choosing a base to live and to work.


Global Omnium Water Utility

© Global Omnium

Global Omnium based in Valencia delivers water to 7 million national and international customers. The company manages over 700,000 smart meters, 401 wastewater treatment plants, 26 water treatment plants and a pipeline network of more than 12,000 kilometres in length. It also analyses a phenomenal 5 billion data every year.


Anglican Church in the Ruhr Metropolis

English language Anglican church services are held in Essen twice a month during the evenings of the first and third Sundays of the month. Taking place on the premises of the CVJM (Christliche Verein Junger Menschen), services are open to all, whether or not they belong to any denomination.


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Do's & Don'ts

Some aspects of life in a foreign country can be of surprise. One are two important points about living in Germany might be worth considering. This way any unwitting offence towards the locals can be avoided as can an unfortunate run in with the police or authorities.

Jaywalking ist Verboten!

Button for changing pedestrian lights to cross road
© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg

Crossing a street in Germany to this day still reveals a discipline that is seldom experienced elsewhere. When the red light is showing at a pedestrian crossing, people mostly wait for a green one. Often for excruciatingly long periods on completely empty streets.


Plane, Flight, Airport

© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg

Düsseldorf Airport is the third largest airport in Germany after Frankfurt and Munich. During recent years it has gained importance as a hub for intercontinental flights and is only some thirty minutes or so from the west of Ruhr and up to an hour or more from the east.


Amazing Capitals Valencia

© Rowan Green

Amazing Capitals Valencia is the latest in the portfolio of online location guide dedicated to the local expat community. A mosaic of aspects comes together on this English language eGuide published by a perpetual expat. Friendly Valencia boasts beautiful architecture, a vibrant atmosphere and a stunning beach.


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