OV Movies and Films in Rhine Ruhr

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Front doors of Cinema movie theatre
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Düsseldorfer Filmkunstkinos

Art house films in original languages with subtitles, mostly. English and other language movies that are more off stream than mainstream are on offer in the cinemas run by Düsseldorfer Filmkunstkinos. Films are shown in OV or OmU in any one of their five cosy and intimate theatres.

CineStar Movie Theatre

CINEMAS ARE CLOSED DUE TO COVID 19. English language, mostly mainstream movies showing in a typical multiplex atmosphere including the popcorn. Enjoy frequent screenings in OV or OmU with modern technology including 3D. The CineStar Dusseldorf is situated in the borough of Oberkassel on the left bank of the Rhine.

Metropolis Bochum

Up to two hundred viewers can be seated in the cinema hall, which is fitted with both digital and analog projection and great sound technology. The location of the largest film theater (theatre) in Bochum can be found directly in the central station accessible through the side wing of the main entrance.