Jazz in Rhine Ruhr

Great performances for expats and locals

Written by Garry on


Many Germans find all styles of jazz adorable and so a quite extraordinary mix of genres can be heard somewhere at sometime. Jazz musicians from Germany and across the globe thoroughly enjoy playing in front of enthusiastic audiences across Rhine Ruhr.

Several locations in the region have long and strong traditions. Possibly the most renowned are “domicil” in Dortmund, which has been going since 1968 and Dr Jazz in Düsseldorf which also has a first class and long-standing reputation.

The annual Jazz Rally in Düsseldorf is unequalled in atmosphere and quality of national and international performers. So too the long-standing and internationally renowned Moers Festival.

Moers Festival

The Moers Festival reveals a long tradition of Jazz music and today reflects upon what is happening around the world of improvised music. Performances combine the scope and richness of established artists, new names and new formations during Whitsun.

Jazz Rally Düsseldorf

The annual Jazz Rally Düsseldorf offers performances by renowned artists and newcomers that inspire audiences year after year. Jazz Rally badge offers terrific value for money with 65 events to choose from. Gregory Porter and Band, Heather Small Mpeople’s voice and Sister Sledge are this year's stars.

Events in Ruhr

Visitors to the Ruhr region can enjoy such open air activities as the funfairs, former industrial parks or cycling and hiking the beauty of the Ruhr valley. Or stay indoors to experience many of the music festivals and performances on offer including classical and jazz.