Department Stores in Rhine Ruhr

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Some say department stores have outlived their day. Stunning examples around the globe such as Harrods in London have proven that they can overcome severe difficulties and thrive. This is not so for many such stores in Germany as a whole and especially some locations in NRW.

Department stores in the Rhine Ruhr region are available for consumers who wish to shop in a certain style under one roof. On the whole, two corporations, Karstadt and Kaufhof, share the market amongst themselves, allbeit not very profitably.

Department Stores in Düsseldorf

This once magnificent idea has suffered greatly, yet modernisation and re-branding is helping to attract new groups of clientele. Lively department stores can be found in most malls and on many high street corners, the major brands being those of Karstadt and Kaufhof.

Department Stores in Neuss

The usual assortment of products that can be expected in a mid-sized department store can be found right on the doorstep in the middle of town. A wide assortment of fashion brands from the young to the middle aged. Don't be too irritated by the extremely dated seventies style of the building.

Department Stores in Ruhr

Departments stores can be found in most malls and on many high streets. Karstadt and Kaufhof are the two major chains left following major market restructuring and numerous closures of stores. Modernisation has helped persuade shoppers to return again to this once magnificent concept.