Bric a Brac in Rhine Ruhr

Written by Garry on


City Trödelmarkt

The city fleamarket in Neuss takes place during May on Mother's Day and a second time on a Sunday in September. Stands can be found along the high street and around Markt. The event has a long standing tradition, offers a terrific atmosphere and potentially great buys.

Vohwinkeler Flohmarkt

In September tens of thousands of enthusiasts flock to Wuppertal Vohwinkel. Bric a brac, antiques and collectables are presented by hundreds of amateurs in front of their homes alongside professional dealers. The varitey of items for sale at this massive fleamarket is astounding.

Aachener Platz

The Trödel und Antikmarkt (bric a brac and antique market) Aachener Platz takes place in the borough of Bilk every Saturday morning from six until mid-afternoon. The centre of attraction is a tent, outside of which an eclectic mix of stands and stalls large and small can be found.