Pubs in Rhine Ruhr

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German pubs (Kneipe) are great places to socialise and those that can be found in the Rhine Ruhr region are no exception.

These down-to-earth places serve the local beer (Bier) when available and much, much more. Spirits include the German strong and mostly clear Schnapps as well as international varieties, of course. The wines are normally of good quality too.

Friendly local folks are normally more than inviting to foreigners popping in for an after-work drink or a lengthier evening out. Most serve till well past midnight due to generous regulations on opening hours.

Most also serve some sort of food both in the evening as well as at lunchtime. Some may be more pub than eatery offering snacks and sandwiches, others more eatery than pub presenting punters with delicious comprehensive menus.

Irish Pubs have proven surprisingly popular in many towns and cities in Rhine Ruhr.

Pubs in the Ruhr Metropolis

The traditional German pub (Kneipe) is as down-to-earth as its English or American counterpart. Local beer and spirits (Schnapps) are well worth being discovered as well as the friendly folks from the neighbourhood (Nachbarschaft). Guinness and Murphy's are available in several Irish Pubs.

Pubs in Düsseldorf

The variety of pubs in Düsseldorf is quite extraordinary. Most serve home brewed Altbier (old beer) while one serves the lighter brew from Cologne known as Kölsch. A surprising number of Irish Pubs are available for those with a taste for Guinness or Murphy's.

Pubs in Neuss

A good few pubs in Neuss can be great places to go for both a quick drink or a lengthy night. Down-to-earth, yet very different in ambience, the drinking holes available have two things in common; fiendly locals from the neighbourhood and generous opening times.