Things to Do in Rhine Ruhr

A kaleidoscope of performances, festivals, fairs, music and arts

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© Amazing Capitals / Greg

Many famous architects from around the world have left their mark in the region of Rhine Ruhr. Exceptional examples include the opera house in Essen, designed by Finnish Alvar Aalto in the late nineteen fifties. Music lovers can also choose to hear world-class offerings in such places as Bonn and Düsseldorf.

The state of North Rhine Westphalia invests highly in promoting and maintaining the arts, for example the K20 and K21 in the capital. Bonn boasts the Museums Mile (Museumsmeile) with many buildings including the House of History (Haus der Geschichte), which has the topic of Germany on display in its permanent exhibition.

Art enthusiasts can hunt for pieces in a vast number of galleries across the region, whilst the treasure trove of events, stage performances, festivals and fairs offer something for virtually everybody. Those coming later in the year can enjoy mulled wine (Glühwein) and tasty morsels on dozens of traditional German Christmas markets.

Art Venues in Rhine Ruhr

Art venues can be found in downtown locations of many cities in all corners of the Rhine Ruhr region. Patronage and public subsidies are high, enabling many fine examples of impressive collections and inspiring exhibitions from large to small. Most can be visited throughout the year.

Nightlife in Ruhr

Many places in the Ruhr Metropolis offer terrific nightlife, staying open till late on weeknights and normally very late on weekends. The locals have a taste for good drinks and great music. Everywhere offers tasty, and authentic cocktails as well as lounge atmosphere, bars and dance floors.

Recreation in Rhine Ruhr

In the Rhine Ruhr region it is possible to study creatures of the sea, experience giant childhood building blocks or bathe in the wonderous atmosphere of the film industry. Near Neuss the vast open cast mine awaits and the banks the rivers Rhine and Ruhr offer a great day out.


Shakespeare Festival Neuss


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The renowned Shakespeare Festival in Neuss is one of the most professional events to take place in the Rhine Ruhr region and Germany as a whole. The annual festival is held in the Globe theatre, which is a replica of the famed and reputed orignal structure from long ago. Performances in English and other languages.


Shopping in Düsseldorf

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Düsseldorf is the capital of German fashion, the country's arbiter of sophistication and style. Whether super chic boutiques, global labels or unique local brands, the elegant, see-and-be-seen world of the famous Königsallee is a byword for luxury and lavish living.


Events in Ruhr

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Visitors to the Ruhr region can enjoy such open air activities as the funfairs, former industrial parks or cycling and hiking the beauty of the Ruhr valley. Or stay indoors to experience many of the music festivals and performances on offer including classical and jazz.