Regional Cities surrounding Rhine Ruhr

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Aachen is located at the foot of Eifel and Ardennes in the south west of NRW. It is one of Germany's oldest spas with sights that include the barock assembly hall of the spa, fascinating architecture of the town hall and the cathedral with a history of over a thousand years.

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Stadt Aachen


52058 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 432 0



Many say that Münster is famous for the Sankt Paulus Dom, the cathedral that was built in the thirteenth century and one of the city's most important landmarks. Münster is also the capital of bicycles with a highly impressive, consequently instigated concept for cyclists.

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Stadt Münster

Klemensstrasse 10

48143 Münster


Phone: +49 2 51 492 0



Trier offers visitors a great day out or weekend trip. With some ten UNESCO World Heritage sites, it is steeped in history and a terrific place to view some fascinating buildings including the Cathedral, the Imperial Baths, the Imperial Throne Room and the Porta Nigra.

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Rathaus der Stadt Trier

Am Augustinerhof

54290 Trier


Phone: +49 651 718 0