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Join us on Amazing Capitals life guides in Rhine Ruhr to target thousands of people in the vicinity.
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Exclusive Expat Audience

Present your brand, your products, your services to our unique audience for as little as €49 a month.

Businesses attract international professionals (expats) to high profile positions all across the dynamic local landscape. They often lack important information about what needs to be done and exciting things to do. The knowledge we provide enables them a smooth transition in your region.

Do you possess anything they may need or desire?

Unique 20% Spring Offer

Help us to help them. We hear that we do help make expats lives easier and happier. So that’s great!

Retail outlets, service providers, experts and local authorities profit from informed residents. Employers of expats benefit from more motivated individuals.

Between the meteorological and astronomical spring we are offering 20% off all bookings that are published directly on Amazing Ruhr, Amazing Neuss, Amazing Dusseldorf and Amazing Rhine Ruhr life guides.

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