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Another exciting new location in 2015

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Dubbed “The city of smiles” by this writer, Cologne is an impressive city spread across the river Rhine in the state of NRW. While it’s iconic landmark and tourist attraction is indisputably the cathedral, the trade fair organisation also attracts foreign business visitors throughout the year. The city with a million residents is vibrant, cosmopolitan and exciting. Industry is strong.

A perfect place to create a new Amazing Capitals expat guide.

Specifically focussed on a single location, Amazing Cologne offers all information necessary on one easy-to-navigate site. Over 300 entries with important facts on must dos, expat communities and things to do will be written and gathered together during 2014.

Our mission is to enable international business professionals to feel at home sooner. They can focus quicker, their employers benefit, they and their families can enjoy life.

  • Cooperation, support and contacts with well-wishers such as city departments and international clubs are mutually beneficial
  • Sonsorships and advertising from interested parties such as international schools as well as local corporations and businesses are fundamental
  • Experts able to offer services to expats on such topics as tax, finance, health, insurance, relocation and telecoms are excellent partners.

We welcome you and hope you enjoy our work. More by mail. Kindest, Garry.


© Amazing Capitals / Greg

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