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Supporters to Amazing Rhine Ruhr come in many forms. When creating a new location, those who are first to enthuse about the idea of a professional expat guide in their location can be the most important. Assistance comes in the form of moral support or funding and also creating the connections to local networks.

Our policy is to keep the service free for users. No membership is necessary and no sign up required.

Our income stems mostly from local sponsorships from institutions such as authorities, trade development, interested parties such as international schools. Some articles are paid for to create a more informative insert than a free teaser, some banner advertising can be seen and a few Google Ads are esthetically integrated. Attractions, museums, service providers and product producers or outlets as well as bars and restaurants invest too.

Teasers can be found to selected supporter’s pages in the Ruhr Metropolis who have supported us in the past or present and also landing pages for odd campaigns.

Tourism in Rhine Ruhr

A large area within the state of North Rhine Westphalia, the area offers tourists much to see. Vast swathes of hills and forests, several rivers such as the Ruhr and the Rhine, impressive cities and very friendly people await visitors from across the globe.


State-owned economic development agency NRW.INVEST conducts international marketing for Germany's premier investment location, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Today there are already over 14,300 foreign firms based in Germany's economically most important federal state.

International School of Düsseldorf

ISD inspires their students to be confident, creative and critical thinkers. They work together to challenge and support all their students to be successful and responsible in an evolving world. The International School of Düsseldorf is an international community of learners.