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Trams, buses, subways and trains across the region

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Rhine Ruhr is a vast area that is home to a collection of cities towns and municipalities; interconnected yet not necessarily united as one. Public transport is often divided mostly by administrative boundaries, yet united through two regional associations. The Verkehrsverbund Rhine-Ruhr (VRR) covers the north and north-east whilst the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS) serves the south and south-east.

This enables travel on one ticket over large distances. Not quite the experience of the tube in London, the metro in Paris or the subway in New York but with the same effect; efficient travel from A to B.

While local networks of widespread and popular trams running both overground and underground are highly reliable, the regional service of the Deutsche Bahn often suffers delays to the displeasure of commuters. On the whole a good service; clean and safe but travellers need to leave enough times for interchanges and walks between systems than can sometimes be lengthy.