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A delight at any time of the year

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Helsinki offers a magnificent atmosphere and many experiences at any time of year. Especially when thinking of Christmas and Santa Claus, who is rumored to live in Rovaniemi. The beautiful capital city of Finland is one of the true cosmopolitan capitals in the world. The Finns are a friendly, if slightly reserved folk.

Tucked away in the top right of the EU, the capital of Finland is closer that most believe. In fact, at a little over two hours flight from the Rhine Ruhr, Helsinki is within easy reach. However, in today’s world of tight schedules and hectic lifestyles, an alternative is on offer. So why not try a different route instead of flying? What better way is there to visit than taking a calm trip with Finnlines and experiencing more delights along the way?

Friendly nordic journeys on board

A fleet of modern, comfortable, mid-sized ferries sail six times a week between Travemünde and Helsinki. Some thirty hours can be spent relaxing, taking a drink at the bar and enjoying the extensive buffet meals with such tasty delights as salmon, reindeer and duck. Escape alone, take along the children, your pet and also your car for maximum flexiblity.

Typical Finnish hospitality extends also to the sauna with sea views and a whirlpool. Some lucky passengers travelling during the winter period have experienced the phenomenal ice-braking capabilities of the ships. What’s more, due to their stabilizers, even rough seas are tamed resulting in a more peaceful crossing.

A stopover in Lübeck on the journey between the Rhine Ruhr region and the harbour is also highly rewarding. The town is famous for it’s cosy northern atmosphere.

Helsinki, a fantastic city destination

Helsinki is a fine example of an exciting nordic city which comes alive in an unusual way throughout the year. Experience the beautiful atmosphere, extensive shopping malls and open air markets. Many pavements are heated during the winter. Long, long days of light, bright sunshine await visitors in the summer.

Lakeland for peace and tranquility

A mere one hundred kilometres north east from the capital of Finland sees the southern streches of the lake district appear. Vast waters stretch away to the north. Thousands of miles can be driven weaving between rich green foliage alongside expanses of water large and small. The contrast of colour is a sight to behold. At times unpronounceable place names such as Jyväskylä can be found. Lappeenranta and famous Savonlinna also welcome travellers. Fresh air invites with a cleanliness seldom experienced. Connect with pure and refreshing nature.



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