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Preaching the life giving message of Vedanta, the International Vedanta Society, IVS, has transformed innumerable lives who are now rejuvenated with the light of hope, self-confidence and love. Realisation of the Self is the key note of IVS. Its members and well-wishers strive continuously to emit the fragrance of eternal Love and Bliss.

The International Vedanta Society(IVS) solicits one and all irrespective of any caste, creed, sex or religion. IVS doesn’t stress on worshipping any particular God or Goddess. It believes that the all powerful resides within everyone and this omnipresent is known as Ishwara or God.

IVS doesn’t speak of any rights for men or women because the society believes that everyone is born with their own rights. The task is only to make them aware about it. And the medium of serving this ideology is love.

IVS doesn’t give any preferences to Sannyasins (Monks) or householders. The society wishes to let every individual manifest their inherent divinity within. IVS believes that only Vedanta can change the trouble-tormented situation of the present day world. And that must come through love and IVS is spreading the message of Unity and love. IVS appeals everyone to perform some benevolent activities every day. Each one of us has a role to play. Let everyone play his own role.

Note: Your publisher has had the immense good fortune and pleasure of meeting Sri Bhagavan, feeling and being touched by his influence. In contrast to many spiritual organisations, Vedanta wish not for individuals to flee their livelihoods to enter a retreat. First and foremost, they wish for everyone to continue their everyday lives and become better at their profession or calling. Through that, the world really can become a better, more peaceful environment for all of us and for our children. Thank you Vedanta.



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