Internet in Rhine Ruhr

High speed online access at home

Written by Garry on

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Competetion for customers by internet providers in the Rhine Ruhr region is fierce. With access speeds continuously rising, the desire to watch more movies online and average expat stays of three years, an installed internet connection is the solution for most. Major players in Rhine Ruhr are Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom.

Expats might shy away from long contracts for an installed connection of twelve or twenty-four months, so mobile broadband deals may be a suitable solution for many. It’s important to note that signal strength can still be an issue depending on the area of residence.

Either way, understanding the fine print is always important but for two reasons especially. Is a flat rate really flat or does a hidden limit exist and how do access speeds reduce if and when it is reached? And what happens if a move abroad comes suddenly? Many have had to fulfill their contracts and continue paying long after leaving.

Interestingly, the availability or wireless connections in cafés and bistros is minimal due to liability laws in Germany. Some do kindly offer the access code when asked, presumably after individual scrutiny.