Religion in Rhine Ruhr

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The Roman Catholic Church is very visible throughout the Rhine Ruhr region. This community forms the largest religious group of over a third of residents with Protestants following. A massive cathedral oversees Cologne while churches old and new have been erected everywhere.

An influx of migrant workers became Germany’s early expats during the 1960’s, 1970’s and beyond. Many people from such several Muslim nations such as Turkey, Morocco and Iran actually decided to remain in spite of their status of so-called “guest workers” and in doing so, made Islam the third largest religious group. Several mosques and religious centres have been built over the years and are firmly established.

A few smaller groups are also present. The number of Jewish citizens has increased steadily iin recent years with many migrating from Russia and other former Soviet Union member countries.

English language congregations are established in several cities such as Bonn, Cologne and Düssseldorf. Anglican, Baptist, Protestant and Catholic faiths can be found, some in their own church.