Postal Services in Rhine Ruhr

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© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg
© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg
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Most postal requirements are fullfilled by the German post office (Deutsche Post) even after deregulation. They offer many services including automated package collection stations. Mailboxes strategically installed across the Rhine Ruhr region with a red dot beside the collection times are emptied more regularly.

Numerous companies offer mail services to businesses, thus some letters from corporations may be delivered by them. Packages handed over at a post office are delivered by their subsidiary DHL. An alternative operator is Hermes who have counters in many kiosks.

Stamps can be bought at machines. Philatelists who enjoy collecting and writers who love to indulge in sending letters with special stamps (Sondermarke) have a few options but need to ask the employee for a selection. A larger selection is available at larger post offices



Deutsche Post AG

Charles-de-Gaulle-Straße 20

53113 Bonn , NRW


Phone: +49 228 182 0

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