Lost & Found in Rhine Ruhr

Keys, tablets, phones, documents, umbrellas and even false teeth

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Even expats lose something sometimes. Recovering stolen property can be difficult, the vast majority of Germans are honest and contect owners directly or hand lost items to the authorites. If any items are found they can be handed to the municipal lost property office (Fundbüro) to a citizen’s office (Bürgerbüro) or a police station (Polizeirevier).

The police normally deliver any lost and found items in their possession to the lost property office within ten to fourteen days. Unless claimed, they remain there for six months and are then auctioned.

Taking urgent protective measures against misuse of sensitve items are quite easy. The 24/7 hotline 116 116 for lost debit and credit cards in Germany leads to a central service which helps block any lost or stolen cards. It can also apply to other sensitive items such as a mobile, smart phone, tablet, employee and health id or loyalty card. The call is free of charge within Germany.