Emergencies in Rhine Ruhr

Help for those suffering an accident

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© Amazing Capitals / Greg
© Amazing Capitals / Greg
© Amazing Capitals / Greg

The Germans use a curious saying “Glück im Unglück” (luck in unluck), that apparently originates in China. Emergencies are a fact of life, bad luck. Luckily though, in the Rhine Ruhr region response times of the emergency services are mostly extraordinarily quick, especially in urban centres.

Local police are invariably courteous and helpul, appearing on the scene quickly following a call on 110. Fire brigade and ambulance services are both efficient and well equipped. Emergency response, aid and assistance are never more than a few minutes away. 112 is their joint emergency service number.

Round the clock support from pharmacists is guaranteed with out of hours availability allocated via a rota system. Many medical and dental clinics and on-call doctors still make midnight house calls.

Some say the German medical service is second to none.